Yahsat is now one of the most popular tv channel providing satellite in Middle east. Viewers from Pakistan, India and bangladesh can also receive this satellite. You can watch top channels like Star Movies, MBC Group etc on this Satellite. Nowdays  alot of channels are taking place on This satellite.

Today i am going to give you a tutorial on how to align Yahsat @52.5East. Its not very hard to find this satellite as you ca set it with Paksat on single 5 or 6feet dish antena. its easy to find KU-band satellites as compared C-band satellites. So the setup will not so hard.
First of all Take a Pen with a notebook and write down all the equipement as below:

  • Dish antena with KU-Band LNB
  • Satellite receiver with multimedia cables:
  • Co-axial cable as your requirement
  • Televasion or Satellite finder meter.

Now connect satellite receiver with television through multimedia cables. Now connect one end of co-axial cable to LNB which is fixed with Dish antena and another end with satellite receiver or satellite finder meter.
after setting your equipemnet. now its time to change settings in satellite receiver.

  • Open Menu
  • Add a satellite in receiver and named it Yahsat 52.5East
  • LNB Type==Universal
  • LNB Frequency==9750-10500
  • Diseq switch port==1
  • Please don't use Diseq Switch.

As there are lot of satellite receivers in Market so receiver settings could be vary from receiver to receiver.
Now feed strong tp in receiver for finding signals or tune strong channel like MBC etc.
Strong tp for yahsat is

11900 H 27500
11881 V 27500

if you are using Paksat then adjust it with paksat on left side other wise pont your dish between south and west. move your dish in a zigzag way.definitely you will get signals.
you feedback will be appreciated thanks!

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