Nilesat is one of the best and popular satellite in Pakistan, India, and specially in Middle east. you can watch pupular channels on this satellite like National Geographic Abu Dhabi, Imagine movies and Zee Aflam etc. Today  everyone is trying to Align their dish antenas towards Nilesat. its not an easy job to align Nilesat as you have to work  hard to find this satellite.
So here i explained how to align Nilesat correctly and accurately.
For viewers in Pakistan and india who want to align Nilesat, they will need atleast 6feet or upper dish antena to  find Nilesat. Middleast viewers can use 4 to 6 feet dish antena.

  • Before moving ahead please keep A notebook with pen.

1. You will find asiasat 3s between South and East similarly Nilesat is settled at 7.0West between North and West. so your antena should be between North and west.
So here we go
 1. connect Dish Receiver with Television through Multimedia cables.
 2. Now connect one end of Coaxial cable with Dish receiver and 2nd end with LNB.
 3. before moving ahead you have to made some changes in Satellite receiver you can use FTA or  DVB  receiver.
 4. Now visit nearest Dish antena's shop and ask him to feed all Nilesat
channels.because it will help you to find signals,
5. you can also use strong frequency to find signals.
6. Strong frequency of Nilesat:
11938 V 27500-3/4

Now Come to the Satellite receiver settings:

  • Open Menu
  • Add a satellite in receiver and named it Nilesat 7w
  • LNB Type==Universal
  • LNB Frequency==9750 - 10500
  • Diseq switch port==1
  • Please don't use Diseq Switch.

Satellite receiver settings as mentioned above could be vary from receiver to receiver.
Now feed strong frequency(11938 V 27500-3/4) in your satellite receiver and save it. you can also tune your tv to MBC or other strong channels if you already have nilesat channels in your reveiver. 

Till now you have completed your 70% work.
Now Move your dish antena in a zigzag way. Keep in mind your dish antena's lnbf direction must be between norrh and west.
Surely you will get signals from Nilesat. as it is easy to find KU band signals as compared to C-band signals.
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