Thaicom is very popular satellite in South asia and Middle east. It has many entertainment channels as well as Sports Channels. Usually Pakistan, Indian, Bengali and Sri lankan channels are telecasting from this satellite. In order to receive this satellite you should use 6 to 8 or upper Dish antena because most of its channels are have weak signals.

As i aligned many other satellites like (Asiasat 7, Paksat 1R, Afghansat, Nss, Insat etc) so it didn't took much time of me to align this satellite and i think its easy to align this as compared to other satellites but here you have use your skills and a little trick.
I explain the whole process below and  it will help you to align Thaicom 5 @78.0East.

So here we go
1. connect Dish Receiver with Television through Multimedia cables.
2. Now connect one end of Coaxial cable with Dish receiver and 2nd end with LNB.
3. before moving ahead you have to made some changes in Satellite receiver.
4. visit nearest Dish antena's shop and ask him to feed all Thaicom 5 channels.because it will help you to find signals, you can also use strong frequency to find this satellite.

Strong frequency for Thaicom 5 @78.5East

  • 3545 V 30000

   ->Open Menu 
   ->Add a satellite in Receiver and named it Thaicom 5 @78.5 East
   ->Lnb Type=Standard
   ->Lnb frequency=5150
   ->Diseqc Switch=Port 1 (Diseqc switch should not be connected to the dish).thats it save your settings

 5.Satellite receiver settings (as i mentioned above) could be changed from receiver to receiver.
Tight your LNBf as i made in Picture above.
For elevation angle Click here.
Thats all now move your dish antena and surely you will get signals as i got signals.
Your feedback will appreciated.Thanks...

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