Paksat is Pakistans first and popular satellite which was first launch in 2008 with the collaboration  of China. Paksat is popular among youth because a lot of entertainment and Sports channels like Ptv Sports Ptv K Feed 8XM etc are telecasting from this satellite.

Before Paksat, Asiasat 3s was telecasting all pakistani channels and this satellite is easily receiveable on 4feet Dish antena. But just after Paksat's entry all channels migrated to Paksat.
Now the problem is that Paksat is provinding all of its channels on 5feet or higher dish antena and almost every person is having 4feet dish antena which results in low signal intensity for some channels of Paksat.

Setup For Paksat on 4Feet Dish Antena

But Now the problem has solved and you can easily maintain good signal intesity on 4feet dish antena for Paksat because one of our friend has set Paksat on 4feet dish antena. he uploaded picture and he is having good signals of Paksat on 4feet dish antena.

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